Earth Day 2018 is coming!

We’re already starting to plan for Earth Day 2018. Memories of last years event are filling our hearts. Which made me realize, we never shared photos from Earth Day 2017! Check out some of the highlights from the days events in the photo album.¬†IMG_2159


Earth Day at Camarena is Friday, April 21!

We have much to be grateful for this Earth Day. Winter rains have watered our vegetables and the garden has never looked (or tasted) better! Just in time for our celebration on April 21.

Note to all garden club kids and parents: We need your help! For kids who want to work at the event, a permission slip signed by your parent and teacher is required. Go visit Miss Norma in the front office to get the slip and then return it to her when it is signed.

For parents, please let me know if you are available! Most of you are already signed up and I will be confirming what station you’ll be helping at. We couldn’t do Earth Day without you all! And as an added bonus, Miss Dessie is catering her fabulous food for this event. So come hungry!

See you all at garden club on Friday at 7:30am! More updates then.

*Thank you to Leah Cervantez for taking these gorgeous photos of our garden!


WANTED: Your unwanted paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

Earth Day is approaching quickly. The Camarena Garden Club members need your help. We’d like to take your old paper towel and toilet paper rolls off your hands for a fun Earth Day project for the students of Camarena Elementary.

Start collecting and garden club members will be happy to help you Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

We’d like to turn this:

Into this:

More to be revealed later! Thanks for your support!

Monday and Wednesday Lunchtime Gardening

img_3506Exciting news! Coach Keith Quigley has been hired to be our gardener and work with students on our lunchtime gardening/composting program. He coaches lacrosse at Olympian High School and teaches lacrosse clinics throughout our school district–which is how many of
our students know him! He is an avid gardener and has worked in Tiffany Elementary’s school garden. He will be in our garden (and cafeteria area) Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30-1:30 to help students organize and transport the food waste into our compost bin. Kids of all grades are welcome to spend their lunchtime recess in the garden either composting or tending our plants. Thank you to the American Heart Association for funding this program! We are grateful to have Coach Keith join us at Camarena!



Back from Break!

img_3308This was the last day of garden club before the break. Our garden gatherings have different meaning to different folks. Some of us like to work with our hands in the gritty soil, some of us (parents) like to visit while sipping hot coffee, and some of us like to play with Barbie and her snazzy pink Corvette. Whatever it is that brings you to the garden, welcome. We’re glad you are here.

Stay tuned for lots of activities to come. Club was rained out today but we’ll be back next week. A joyful, healthy New Year to everyone!



District Garden Meeting Wednesday, Nov 30 at 4pm

Garden club has been busy over the Thanksgiving break! First, we went to Hillcrest Farmers’ Market to find plants and City Farmers to find soil. Then we had a planting day that ended with an afternoon of rain. ¬†Perfect! Now we are ready to host the District Garden Meeting on Wednesday. All Garden Leaders and Club members are encouraged to join us. We’ll meet in the garden after school Wednesday at 2:45 to set up. The meeting starts at 4pm. See you all then!